Yessss- it's the second day in one week and I'm HERE, sitting at my desk typing to you. 2017 goal in action. Obviously I'm very prepared for this new habit because I couldn't come up with anything more clever for the title of this post than day of the week. 

Back in the old days, what feels like a million years ago, I used to blog almost daily. Like clockwork. I always somehow had something to say and share and show. Back then I also took 47 photos of my sandwich at lunch, but nevertheless. 

I'm here today with honestly, nothing exciting to speak of! Just this - a work in progress, sticking to my goal because #committed, and a quote. -->

What you seek is seeking you.
— Rumi

That one's been on my mind today; I feel like I keep seeing it pop up this week. Apparently the quote is seeking me too. ;) Anyways, here we are staring at this blank page, with a brand new year upon us, and maybe that's a good time to think about what it is I am seeking. Because, really, I'm not too sure. I need to sit down with a notebook and start really, truly thinking about what I'm putting out into the universe, and what I'm open to receiving. Rather than just painting broad strokes in 2017, maybe it's time to get out that felt tip pen and be more specific about the direction we're headed.

Food for thought. More coming soon.